Use these pages to explore the concepts that together tell a story about the strength of primary health care in a country’s health system. These concepts are adapted from the WHO-UNICEF Primary health care measurement framework and indicators, an important globally-endorsed framework for PHC measurement and monitoring that all PHCPI partners are proud to have contributed to.

To learn more, select one of the three overarching pillars of Capacity, Performance, or Impact. As you go deeper into the concepts, you’ll find more detail and resources on each level: from explainer graphics, to specific indicators to track progress, to improvement strategies to help you take action. Click "Learn More" or + for additional details. 

The Pillars


Capacity looks to see if a health system has the right leadership, policies and resources to deliver strong primary health care.

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Performance looks at how primary health care services are delivered and whether they are accessible, available and high-quality for all.

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Impact tracks the kind of benefits and results that primary health care should deliver: health systems that are able to make people healthier, reliably meet people's needs in crisis and calm, and leave no one behind.

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ⓘ Adapted from: World Health Organization & United Nations Children's Fund (‎UNICEF)‎.(‎2022)‎.Primary health care measurement framework and indicators: monitoring health systems through a primary health care lens. World Health Organization. https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/352205.License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO

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