Performance measures whether primary health care services are being organized, managed and delivered in a way that meets people's needs, including whether those services are accessible, available and high-quailty for all.

Management of Services & Population Health

Management of Services & Population Health refers to how primary health care services are organized, managed, and assessed at the point of care, as well as how the system engages communities in care delivery.

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Access & Availability

Access & Availability assesses whether patients can easily reach PHC facilities and services, and whether PHC providers are likely to be present, competent, motivated, and fully resourced to provide safe, high-quality, and respectful care.

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Quality is the foundation of people's trust in health systems, as well as the health system's ability to improve health outcomes for all. It measures the essential functions of primary care -- including ensuring person-centered, comprehensive care in each community -- and whether services are efficient, effective, timely and safe.

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