Management of Services & Population Health

How primary health care services are organized, managed, and assessed at the point of care, as well as how health systems proactively reach out to and engage communities in care delivery.

Population Health Management

A service delivery approach that prioritizes proactive community outreach and engagement, from ensuring everyone has a designated primary care team, to involving people in their own health care decisions, to engaging communities in local PHC planning and decision-making,

Resilient Facilities and Services

Resilient facilities and services show an ability to effectively respond and adapt to public health emergencies, all while sustaining essential primary care services and functions.

Management of Services

The way services are managed at the facility level, from effective operations and budget oversight, to capable supervision and support for staff, to routine monitoring of quality and progress.

Organization of Services

The way in which primary health care services in a country are selected, designed, organized and delivered.